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For The Girls offers photos of REAL SEX! Real sex has kissing, foreplay, lots of loving cunnilingus, female orgasms and gorgeous afterglow. Real sex DOESN'T have men spurting cum all over a woman's face, or women wearing high heels in bed!

We visited an adult chatroom and asked the women there to tell us their most raunchy stories of dangerous sex*. Here's what they told us...

What's the riskiest sex you've ever had?

I was 16, supposedly virginal, and my boyfriend had been away for two weeks. We were cuddling on the sofa watching TV and my parents were in the kitchen making dinner. We started kissing, then things got a lot hotter. I was wearing a long skirt and he started to pull down my panties and finger me. My parents seemed fairly engrossed in their conversation so he kept going and made me come. Then we quickly unzipped him, and I sat on top. Almost had a heart attack when Dad came out of the kitchen. We just pretended we were tickling each other, and he smiled and went away. Never been more relieved in all my life. But goddam it was good sex! - Janine, 22

I was at a particularly formal dinner-dance with my husband. He had to go for work reasons, so I was on my best behaviour. The food and wine were great, but the speeches were incredibly boring, to the point that Gerald and I began to play footsies under the table. It was hilarious trying not to giggle, and then he started to run his fingers up my thigh. Before I knew it, I was hot! I got up between speeches to go to the bathroom, and was surprised when Gerald followed me. We walked right into the Ladies together, shocked the hell out of some old lady (thankfully we didn't know her) and went into a cubicle. We fucked right there... he pulled my dress up and went in from behind. It was so incredibly naughty! - Georgiana, 48

I once came in a lecture theatre. The subject was economics, I think. It was some awful slide presentation, the lights were down, and I was sitting next to my boyfriend of the time. I wasn't interested to be begin with, but I really lost concentration when he slipped his hand under my skirt and pulled my knickers aside. So he made me come, and I gasped loudly, right when the lecturer was telling us about inflation. I think it was inflation. He looked up and said "Well, I'm glad someone's excited about it." About ten people turned around and looked at me. I just laughed and stayed where I was.

I had an affair with a man AND his son. I think the son was about 17 at the time. I'd just finished with the father, who was a damned good lover, and I got hungry, as usual. So I went out of the bedroom (I think the wife was away for the whole day), completely naked, and headed to the kitchen, checked out the fridge. Just then, the son came in and nearly dropped his skateboard in shock. I don't know what made me do it, but I went over and kissed him. He was 17, it didn't take him long to get over the shock. Next thing I know we're in his filthy bedroom, and he's got the biggest young cock I've ever seen, and gorgeous pecs. So I fucked him while his Dad was asleep. We'd only just finished when I heard him wake up, and had to make a mad dash for the bathroom. I think the son hid under his bed. It was hilarious.

Everyone talks about it, but it really is difficult to have sex in an elevator. I know, because I've tried it. My man and I set out one evening to do it. I wore an overcoat with nothing underneath, he wore his loose pants with the big zipper. We went to his office building, when almost everyone had gone home. Almost. Didn't want it to be deserted, or it wouldn't be any fun. We had twenty storeys before the office floors started. In that time we managed to kiss each other hungrily. Then someone got on. So we just stayed at the back until they left. Then we tried again, this time he opened my overcoat and licked my nipples. I was wet by then, just from the excitement of it all. Only managed to half close the coat as someone else got on, and looked at me strangely, all the way to the bottom. We went back up, and he licked my cunt until the bell rang. The elevator bell, that is. I didn't have time to come. I pushed Ground and sucked his cock for 20 storeys. More people got in, and by then we were so horny we couldn't wait. We got out at level 21 and snuck into the stairwell, where he pushed me up against the wall and went down on me until I came at last. Then we screwed each other stupid, until a cleaner interrupted us. She just smiled and said "Don't make a mess" before backing out the door. I'm taking the stairs from now on.

*Names changed

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