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The Supermarket

They'd met in the fruit section, six weeks ago. She'd had bananas in her tray, a sure sign she was single. Jokes had been made about the "secret supermarket code" in this suburb, but she was desperate, and thought she'd try it out. So she'd wandered for half an hour, bananas suitably poised, until he crossed her path. The handsome, lanky man with a dark goatee had sauntered over casually.

He'd pointed at the bananas and without further ado, asked her on a date. But it wasn't a normal date. There was no dinner and a movie to be had. Not even a coffee. Instead, he'd asked to meet her next Friday in the fruit section. She'd asked why.

"I think this part of the supermarket suits you," he'd said with a grin.

A week later they discussed Tom Hanks movies and African politics over the tomatoes. The next week it was import restrictions and which brand of coffee was best. And the whole time they'd smouldered together, eyes furtively glancing downward, brief touches leaving lingering shivers. She wanted him, she knew. He was smart, sure, but she couldn't help but lust after his body. Especially when he wore those small T-shirts that showed off his lean but firm biceps. It seemed as though his nipples were permanently hard, and she liked that.

And now, she was here again, on a Tuesday night, half an hour before the shop closed. Her heart beat with excitement, though she couldn't believe what they were about to do.

"I think we know each other well enough," he'd said last week with a wry smile. "I challenge you" - he grinned -"to fuck me in this supermarket."

Casting nervous glances around her, she met him in their usual spot, near the mangoes. The place was deserted; only slow moving teen shop assistants wandered between the shelves, and bored check-out chicks filed their nails impatiently. He didn't say a word, pulling her to him and kissing her passionately on the mouth, his tongue trailing around her lips insolently. She closed her eyes and surrendered, letting him kiss her neck and gently bite her earlobes.

Suddenly he moved down her body and disappeared under her long skirt. Her eyes flew open as he wrenched her panties down to her knees. Within moments she felt his tongue flit around the edges of her moist cunt. Her face was pink. Who was looking? Who'd seen them? With relief she realised they were alone, for the moment, and they were hidden from full view by a stand of potatoes. She closed her eyes again in pleasure. With one hand she reached back and grabbed a mango, bringing the lush fruit to her nostrils, breathing in the tropical, smooth scent as his tongue licked and probed her folds, tantalising her clit and then poking briefly in and out of her soaking hole. It was bliss.

Abruptly, he stopped, and ducked out from underneath her skirt....

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